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How to express Kaçırmak in English

The concept of ‘failing to do what you planned’ … as in kaçırmak: uçağı kaçırdım, dersi kaçırdım, randevuyu kaçırdım, can be tricky for Turkish students in English.

This is the first post in our category ‘In English, how to express …?’ where we discuss language concepts that our Turkish students often struggle with in English. Today, kaçırmak.

For example:

  • You couldn’t get to the conference in Ankara because the plane was delayed, or maybe you couldn’t meet your friends because you got stuck in traffic for hours and hours…
  • Sometimes, because of bad weather, heavy traffic, too many appointments or just maybe even because of laziness, life does not go as planned. You cannot do everything in your diary.

This post provides the English to express yourself when you:

  • Fail to do something that was planned, such as a lesson
  • Arrive late for a bus, train or aircraft


1. When you have something planned in your diary, but you are not able to do it, or failed to do it, you use ‘to miss’.

For example:

  • On Wednesday morning you had a doctor’s appointment at 10am. You were in traffic until 10:50am When you arrived at the doctor’s clinic, it was no longer possible to see the doctor.
  • You missed the doctor’s appointment (because you were stuck in traffic).
  • Or, your homework was due yesterday at 5pm. You give the homework to your teacher the following morning.
  • She did not accept the homework because you missed the deadline. (You failed to hand in your homework on time)


2.  When you arrive late for a bus, train or aircraft, you also use ‘to miss’

For example:

  • Your plane departed at 15:10. You arrived at the airport at 15:30.
  • You missed the plane.

Now your turn! Practice ‘to miss’:

Look at each of the scenarios and use ‘to miss’ in a sentence:

For example:

Question: Umut’s flight to Ankara left at 6pm. He arrived at the airport ay 6:15pm because of bad weather.

Answer: Umut missed his plane because of bad weather.

Your turn

1. Murat couldn’t attend his biology exam because he was sick.

2. Kaan didn’t go to his dentist because he got stuck in traffic on the F.S.M. bridge.

3. The outdoor concert started at 20h00 but Aslı didn’t attend because the weather was terrible.

4. The snow was so heavy that Yiğit couldn’t drive his car to go to the meeting in Levent.

5. The plane left for Bozcaada at 12pm. Unfortunately, Pınar got stuck in bad traffic and she didn’t take the plane.

6. The lesson started in Beşiktaş at 6pm. Ali was still in the office at 6:50pm!


A little note about Turklish:

Don’t say ‘He didn’t catch the lesson’. It is not natural English in this situation.

Say, ‘He missed the lesson’.

Keep in mind, that if you prefer video learning exercise we have a library of video learning exercises waiting for you in our Ingilizce Dersleri section! These videos are available to you at all times and are a great compliment to written exercises and live conversation classes.

As always, please let us know what you think and if there are any other topics you would like us to cover!

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