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Top three web radio stations for busy Turks



Our list of web radio stations for busy Turks! Most of our Turkish students are busy. Extremely busy. And many of their lives are made even busier by their daily commutes to the office. We often recommend web radio as a great way to practice English listening skills while on the move. Most of the stations and services we recommend here are free (with some limitation on backdated content). We think that web radio, especially talk and news are a great compliment for our Turkish students learning English. Please let us know your favorite web radio stations for busy Turks!

#3 – National Public Radio (US)

The NPR’s radio service is an amazing resource. NPR is a publicly funded talk / news radio from the US. Most presenters speak in very easy-to-understand English accents and language. Topics run the gauntlet from politics to fashion, culture, music and current events. The web radio includes a 24 hour live stream and a large database of podcasts. You can also access continuously updated (hourly) news summaries.

#2 – BBC Radio

The BBC’s radio service is undoubtedly the most comprehensive free radio service in the world. With 15 English stations available, you’ll get a bit of everything (sports, music, talk, news, culture). We find for most of our Turkish students learning English, the world service station is best. It involves a mix of different topics from correspondents based all over the world. Programing is typically free for a week after it is originally aired.

#1 – TuneIn Radio: Our favorite web radio station for busy Turks!

TuneIn radio is not a traditional radio station. It is a service which lets you access the world’s radio (AM/FM) through the web. From news in Europe to talk shows in Africa, you have the option to search by location, genre, station type, or even name or call sign, and start listening. If you’re willing to spend $1 on the app, you can upgrade to a pro-version (Android, IOS, Blackberry).

As always, we would love to here your recommendations on web radio for busy Turks learning English, please give us some feedback!



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