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Top 5 online English resources about Turkey

online English resources

Turkish map

Discussing Turkey, its history and current affairs in English is important for our students.

For our Turkish students who travel abroad or who host foreign colleagues in Turkey, conversations about Turkey are bound to happen. Reading about Turkey in English can also be extremely motivating as there is an immediate sense of relevance and understanding. For these reasons, we’ve decided to list our favorite online English resources about Turkey. These resources can easily be incorporated into a weekly reading routine, which should include a balance of local and international topics.

#5 Cornucopia Magazine: beautiful magazine focusing on history, culture and travel

Cornucopia bills itself as a “magazine for connoisseurs of Turkey” and it delivers. The magazine includes well written articles about Turkey’s history, travel destinations, culture and food. The magazine has been going strong for 20 years and has three print issues per year. Online there is a significant amount of content available for free, and a constantly updated blog.

#4 Journal of Turkish Weekly: politics and journals

The Journal of Turkish Weekly is a great source of academic articles about politics and current events in Turkey and the wider region (Middle East, Balkans, Caucuses), and it is updated daily. It is published by a leading Turkish think tank, based in Ankara, the International Strategic Research Organization.

#3 Reuters: up-to-date current affairs

For any Turk who likes big topics in current affairs, the Turkey page of Reuters US edition website offers several well-written thought-provoking articles each week that are bound to stretch your mind and vocabulary.

#2 The CIA World Factbook: get your facts right!

Even though it’s written by the US government, and the CIA no less, the CIA World Fact Book has a vast array of information located in its country profiles. It’s a great way to get your facts straight on everything to do with Turkey including geography, demographics, government, the economy and politics. The Factbook is kept meticulously up-to-date and is a wonderful source of facts about all 196 of the world’s nations!

#1 Travel Guides

Online guidebooks such as the Lonely Planet, the Rough Guide, Wallpaper City Guides and Frommer’s offer a great way to learn about Turkey’s key sites that have attracted visitors for centuries. These guides also contain concise historical sections, restaurant recommendations and are a great source of information on logistic matters such as public transport and entry requirements. You can easily become the knowledgeable guide that foreign visitors to Turkey dream of! Much of the content is available for free on their websites.

 As always, let us know what you think and what other topics we should cover!



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