LANGUAGE is the perfect way for me to access the conversation practice I need, and from home! It allows me to practise what I already know and to learn new vocabulary in a relaxed environment.

- Sevgi, 24

The teaching is excellent and I really enjoy participating in the lessons. I participate more than when sitting with ten other tired students in a classroom after work. And no pointless homework that never gets corrected anyway!

- Canberk, 28

For Turks learning English it’s great to have teachers who love Turkey and understand our culture! The lessons are so much more interesting when you can talk about your daily life and culture with a teacher who understands you.

- Tolga, 37

When your online classmates are Turkish, it’s much easier to learn because you share a common background and culture!

- Melis, 19

My English conversation skills have finally returned to a suitable level. I was tired of traveling to classes after work, so is the perfect way for me to learn in a comfortable environment.

- Ege, 23

All I need is my laptop, my headphones and a few cups of tea … and I learn while sitting at home on the sofa. Much, much better than being inside a classroom and dealing with Istanbul traffic!

- Selin, 42

These are the best online English lessons available for Turks. My teacher speaks enough Turkish to help us out with our common mistakes, and his English is clear and easy to understand.

- Hasan, 40

I can focus on the webcam and really follow what the teacher is saying. Best of all is that I don’t need to prepare anything before I hop online. I just enroll, click on the lesson link, log in and go!

- Ece, 22

Much better than other private language institutes in Turkey. I can learn online at home or from the office. And I can choose to attend the classes that suit me. In the morning, at night, weekdays and weekends.

- Duygu, 30

The flexibility to learn with has made it easy for me to improve my English without committing to a fixed schedule for 12 weeks…

- Bora, 17

My child can learn easily with teachers who know how to deal with kids. It’s amazing to see how motivated he is about English outside school!

- Ilknur, 44

Simply the best online English lessons for Turks!

- Kaan, 28

Finally I discovered the best English language school in Turkey. And, it’s online. No need to head out to a school in Taksim and deal with the traffic!

- Zeynep, 33

So convenient. Signed up. Purchased classes with my credit card. Enrolled. Everything is online and I don’t have to go to a classroom to learn!

- Barbaros, 22