İngilizce Dersleri: ‘açmak’ and ‘kapatmak’

İngilizce Dersleri: the second post in our series where we offer easy, everyday solutions to challenges that Turks have with the English language.

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If Turkish is your mother tongue, then you might have difficulty using açmak and kapatmak in English. Like many aspects of Turkish, the same words can be used across a number of different situations. And like many aspects of English, a literal translation does not work. In English, it’s slightly more complicated so we’ve chosen to include this concept in our İngilizce Dersleri series.

İngilizce Dersleri: How to use turn on/off and switch on/off

In Turkish, açmak and kapatmak are used respectively to turn on and turn off computers, lights and iPads. It is also used to hang up or to end a telephone call.

However, a literal translation just doesn’t work. You cannot open or close a computer, an iPad or a phone.

Luckily, the rules here are actually quite simple.

First, if the thing, device or appliance is powered by electricity, then you can switch it on or off and turn it on or off.

– You can turn on a lamp.

– You can turn off the oven.

– You can switch on a stereo.

– You can turn on a printer.

– And I often ask my students to switch off their iPads.

The exception is:

If you’re on the phone, in English you answer a phone call and you hang up at the end of the conversation.

– I hung up after speaking with my friend.

– I answered his call as soon as the phone rang.

– Don’t hang up!

– I answered his call on Skype.

You cannot open or close a phone in English.

And we think that covers it. A simple lesson, and with the amount of electronic devices in our daily lives, an important one!

As always, let us know if this was helpful, and why not suggest other topics you would like us to cover!

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