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İngilizce Dersleri: Quebec train disaster

İngilizce Dersleri: Learning English using current events!

Dear viewers, welcome to another episode in our İngilizce Dersleri series. As you may have gathered, the purpose of these short video clips is to practice your listening and reading skills through casual self-study. We purposefully use recent news articles as the subject matter to maintain relevance and to keep you motivated. We hope you find them useful as a supplement to our live classes.

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For this episode of İngilizce Dersleri, an article about the terrible train crash that left 15 people dead in Quebec. The original BBC article published on the 10th of July can be found here.

İngilizce Dersleri: konu ve sözlük


Konu: Tren kazası, suçlamak, yangın, müdahale, tehdit

Sözlük: Crime, evidence, probe, runaway, to derail, release, in addition to, to account for, to remain unaccounted for, relative, recover, apparently, to run, engaged

İngilizce Dersleri: article synopsis

Quebec experienced one of its worst disasters in recent memory nearly a month ago today. A train derailed in the center of Lac-Megantic, exploding and destroying dozens of buildings. Fifteen people died, many people were injured and the loss of property was significant.

Investigators are focusing on how the brakes were released as the train was parked in a town kilometers away. Inspector Forget said investigators had ruled out terrorism as a motive for the attack but that several other options, including criminal negligence were still open to investigation.

He warned it could take time before the investigation findings emerge.

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