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İngilizce for Turks: How to use ‘deney yapmak’ in English

Welcome. This is the first post in our ‘English for Turks’ series, where we share authentic language examples from our online English classes and provide methods of fixing them.


Yesterday a student at talked about a science class from his school days.

‘I experimented with water. We heated the water to find the boiling point.’

As we realized, Turks can have difficulty using the concept of ‘deney yapmak’ and ‘denemek’ in English.

To use ‘experiment’ correctly in English, you need to think about if you are doing something in a formal and scientific way or if you are doing something in a casual and informal way.

1.         If you are doing something in a formal and scientific way:

a.         To do an experiment ‘with or on something’

b.         To conduct an experiment ‘with or on something’

c.          To carry out an experiment ‘with or on something’

In English, it is more common to express the student’s idea like this:

  • ‘I did an experiment with water,’
  • or more formally,
  • ‘I conducted an experiment with water,’
  • or even more formally,
  • ‘I carried out an experiment with water.’

2.         If you are doing something in a casual and informal way:

d.         To experiment ‘with something’

To try something new, to gain experience

For example:

The author experimented with a new writing style.

Comparing the two uses:

  • The teenager experimented with alcohol.
  • The doctors conducted experiments to improve treatment of the disease.
  • The children did experiments in the classroom to learn more about chemical reactions.

In the first sentence, the teenager is doing something with less formality, in a non-scientific way.

In the next two sentences, the doctors and children are doing something in an orderly, structured or systematic way.

Your turn!

Keep in mind, that if you prefer video learning exercise we have a library of video learning exercises waiting for you in our Ingilizce Dersleri section! These videos are available to you at all times and are a great compliment to written exercises and live conversation classes.

Look at the examples below.

a) Is the subject doing something formally or informally?

b) Try to build a sentence using the word using experiment

1.         An artist always paints dark landscapes. After many years, she decides to try painting people and landscapes

2.         A team of doctors are trying to discover a cure for cancer. They just received money from the government to continue their scientific tests.

3.         A teenage girl starts reading fashion magazines. She spends the afternoon trying to make some of the new hair styles she sees on the model in the magazines.

As always, let us know if this post was helpful for you!


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