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İngilizce dersleri: New Bridge linking Europe and Asia

İngilizce öğrenmek! Türklere online dersler

In our İngilizce Dersleri series we provide online video learning lessons. These video learning lessons are designed to compliment our online conversation classes. These videos are designed to develop a student’s reading and listening skills.

Today we picked a very topical video for our Turkish students, the start of construction of the Third Bosphorus Bridge! The article appeared on the Reuters news service on May 29, 2013. You can find a copy of the article here. This is a great article for all Turkish students of English, but especially those working in design, engineering, architecture and construction. We hope that our Turkish students of English enjoy this Turkish focused article!

This is an upper-intermediate to advanced article containing some relatively challenging vocabulary. We recommend this article for experienced students, especially IELTS students.

You can find the complete library of video articles in our Ingilizce Dersleri section!

İngilizce Dersleri: konu ve sözlük

Konu: construction, engineering, development

Sözlük: transformation, embodying, environmental groups

İngilizce Dersleri: article synopsis


This article reports the progress being made on the Third Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul. The article takes an overview of the various infrastructure projects being undertaken by the government, especially those in Istanbul. These include a new airport as well as a new canal linking the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. The article states that the third bridge is required due to the immense population increase that the Istanbul region has seen. Environmental groups have been protesting the bridge due to immense effect it will have on the green space surrounding the Black Sea and the Bosphorus. The are where the new bridge is proposed, is made up of relatively pristine forest.

Let us know if you have any feedback or questions! And be sure to tell us if there are any topics or articles that you would like us to consider for our İngilizce Dersleri series.

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