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İngilizce Türkiye’de: Muze de Changa

muze-da-changaWelcome to the fourth post in our İngilizce Türkiye’de series. Today we would like to highlight a wonderful cafe / restaurant located in the Sakıp Sabancı Museum, Muze de Changa.

In our İngilizce Türkiye’de series we highlight establishments across Turkey that offer great service and command of the English language. On a recent trip that made to the Sakıp Sabancı Museum, we decided to stop in to Muze de Changa for breakfast. We were very impressed with the quality of the food, the setting and the wonderful service we received in English.

Muze de Changa is a well established Istanbul restaurant that opened its doors back in 2005. The restaurant is located in the Emirgan district. The restaurant is housed on the top floor of the Sakıp Sabancı Museum, overlooking the property’s beautiful gardens and the Bosphorus. The restaurant is well known for its high end dinner menu. On our last visit we discovered that the restaurant makes a wonderful breakfast on weekends. The breakfast service is largely unadvertised on its website, yet is extremely popular with locals.


If you have ever wanted to visit the restaurant but are put off by the expensive prices for dinner, we certainly suggest visiting for breakfast. Prices are reasonable and the restaurant prepares wonderful twists on the classic Turkish kahvalti. Delicious börek with non-traditional ingredients, tasty menemen and a wide selection of traditional Turkish breads were a highlight. The kahvalti menu is short but it delivers enough choice to keep all your diners happy.

Combining a visit to the museum with a meal at the restaurant, and perhaps a walk to Emirgan park (which is located just a five minute walk up the Bosphorus), makes a perfect day out. For any visitor to Istanbul, the upper Bosphorus location of the restaurant is also a fabulous and often-skipped district. Be sure to call the restaurant ahead and a book a table on the terrace, which can be a bit crowded on the weekends, with many visitors celebrating birthdays or other special occasions.

For our Muze de Changa review, here is a small amount of vocabulary about museum collections:

  • Kitap Sanatları ve Hat Koleksiyonu   Callıgraphy collectıon
  • Resım koleksiyonu   Paıntıngs
  • Arkeolojık ve taş koleksionu   Archeological collectıon
  • Mobilya ve dekoratif koleksionu   Furnıture and decorative arts
  • Yeni alımlar   Recent acquisitions

As always, if you know of any establishments that we should highlight in our İngilizce Türkiye’de series please do let us know!


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İngilizce Türkiye’de: SALT Galata


Welcome to the third post in our İngilizce Türkiye’de series. In our second post, we introduced a great Agean mezze restaurant called Eleos. In our third post we will highlight SALT Galata, a wonderful cultural institution in the heart of Istanbul.

In our İngilizce Türkiye’de series we highlight establishments across Turkey that offer great service. SALT Galata is the second installment of the not for profit SALT. The other two locations are SALT Beyoğlu (also in Istanbul) and SALT Ulus (in Ankara). SALT Galata is a wonderful multipurpose venue, with a museum, art gallery, archive, cafe and restaurant! For any resident of Istanbul or visitor, it is a great place to spend an afternoon or evening. For the most part, SALT Galata is much less visited than the nearby Beyoğlu location.

SALT Galata opened November 22, 2011. Originally designed by Alexander Vallaury as the 19th century Imperial Ottoman Bank headquarters. SALT Galata is comprised of four main elements:

  • The Ottoman bank museum (wonderful display of financial records and archives set in the vault / basement of the original bank)
  • SALT Research, which offers access to print and digital resources, exhibitions and a conference hall
  • Ca’d’oro cafe, a lovely cafe which serves light snacks and has a strong internet connection and large tables for all day projects
  • Ca’d’oro restaurant, a more upscale restaurant serving lunch and dinner on a terrace overlooking the Golden Horn

In honor of SALT Galata and its Ottoman bank roots, here are some words related to art and exhibitions!

Sanat… art

Sergi… exhibition

Gösterim… presentation or screening

Konuşma… speech, public lecture

Atölye… (artist) studio


As always, if you know of any restaurants or attractions in Turkey that have a strong command of the English language, please recommend them to us for our İngilizce Türkiye’de series!

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